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Special Order Eastern Red Cedar and Redwood Bridges

We now offer special orders on several Eastern Red Cedar or Redwood Bridges. We offer several heavy duty bridge styles utilizing extra stringers and cross braces hung with joist hangers for extra support (see picture on the right). We can build light duty pedestrian bridges (rated at 500 lbs) all the way up to heavy duty garden bridges 40 ft long to hold wheelchairs, golf carts, riding lawn mowers or even tractors (rated up to 4000 lbs).

We personally design and build every garden bridge so you deal directly with the actual builder and not a middle man or affiliate.

Our special order bridges come with your choice of rope rails, single or double rails or just a footbridge with no posts or rails. Most bridges can also include Solar lights.

We recently got in an order of 21 foot x 12 inch x 2 inch thick Eastern Red Cedar boards which are almost impossible to find. We had to search AK, TN and MS lumbermills to find them (see picture on right).

Please email us or call us at one of the numbers at the top of the page for a price quote on the special order bridges.

27 foot Spindle Rail Bridge with Solar Lights

This is a special order custom built bridge made of Red Cedar, 27 feet long and 3 feet wide with 2 x 2 spindles and with solar lights on each post for easy access at night. It has a clearance 12″ under the bridge and total height of 18″ at center. We can custom build this same bridge up to 40 ft long out of Red Cedar or Redwood. Custom built for Wayne C., New Hope Ranch, Eugene, Or.

24 x 8 ft Red Cedar Tractor Bridge

This custom designed and handcrafted Red Cedar Tractor Bridge is 24 ft long and 8 ft wide with a 2 ft high arch clearance underneath the bridge with a total height of 3 ft. It has 5 support arched stringers and this bridge will hold up to 6,000 lbs for tractors, horses or donkeys to cross over. It was weather treated and sealed and built to last for many years of outdoor use. It was set in pictuesque Union Bridge, Md., over a free flowing small river. The 2 ft high arch clearance underneath the bridge is so that high rising water from heavy rains can easily clear the bridge without damage. If you would like to have a custom build bridge similar to this one please give us a call or drop us an email to discuss it.

30 Foot High Arch Bridge with 3 Rope Rails

This bridge was made out of Red Cedar and has a 3 ft arch clearance underneath the bridge and it is 4 ft arched across the top. It is 30 ft long and will span exactly 28 ft. The width is 7 ft wide and it has 20 posts with 3 levels of 1″ manila rope, and snap hools and eye bolts placed where they can remove the rope at the center to jump into the swimming pool, which it will span. This bridge has 4 support stringers and will hold over 2,000 lbs. I can build this style of bridge up to 40 feet long. This bridge was clear coat sealed and delivered to a hotel resort in Antigua. Please call to place an order for this bridge.

8 Foot High Arch Bridge with Wooden Posts and Rope Rails

This 8 foot bridge made from Eastern Red Cedar has 4 arched support stringers, 8 posts, two wooden handrails and 2 rope rails on each side and will hold 3,000 lbs. It has 12 inches of clearance under the bridge. This bridge takes a lot more work and materials so it is a custom order bridge. Call to place an order for this bridge.

20 Foot Spindle Rail Redwood Bridge

This 20 foot spindle rail bridge was built from Redwood 2 x 12’s for the arches and redwood 2 x 6′ floor planks and 2 x 2 redwood spindles was delievered to Nashville, Tenessee. We can built you one just like this one!

14 Foot Special Order Foot Bridge

14 ft long and 3 ft wide, made of 14 ft long Redwood 2 x 12’s for the support arches and 2 x 6 redwood floor Êplanks will hold 650 +lbs.

25 foot Special Order Eastern Red Cedar Garden bridge

This 25 ft. Eastern Red Cedar garden bridge was built for a Christian retreat center up in New York. It has 6 support arches so golf carts and tractors can drive over it. It will hold 4,000 Lbs

30 foot Special Order Redwood Garden bridge

We can custom build you any of our garden bridges up to 30 feet in length with double or single rails and your choice of round, flat or gothic caps for the same low price.

A Special Order Redwood Spindle Rail Bridge

Our newest design called the Spindle Rail Bridge is now availabe in all sizes of our posts and rails bridges. This 5 ft long Red cedar spindle rail bridge, built from 2 x 12 Red cedar arches and 2 x 6 red cedar floor planks was designed for Ron T. in Manchester, Missouri (M).

15ft Farm and Ranch Bridge
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