Asian Style Low Arch Bridges with Short Posts

Asian bridges look great over Japanese Gardens, Creeks, Streams, Koi Ponds or landscaped yards and can be built up to 20 ft long. You have your choice of several different rail designs. See Pictures for some examples of the different railings available. We can also custom build different rails in other Asian Bridges Designs with the short posts or curved rail designs. We can custom build your Asian Style Garden Bridge to the size you need up from 2 ft to 20 ft long and up to 10 ft wide.

These bridges are all custom made depending on the length, width, style and type of wood, type of sealant used, so please call us at 479-243-0375 or e-mail for a price quote on these bridges (shipping is included in the prices). Also see our Miniature Asian Style Bridges

(Click images for larger views)

Our Newest Low Arch Bridge with Low Curbs

5 x 3 foot cedar bridge with low arches and a curb

This low arch bridge is 5 feet long and 3 feet wide with low curbs on each side price 695.00

Our Newest Asian Style Bridges with Low Rails

8 foot low rail asian style bridge This 8 ft long by 2 ft wide Asian style Bridge was built out of red cedar and has low curved rails.

5 foot by 30 inches Asian bridge with low rails

This low rail bridge is 5 feet long, built of Red Cedar and clear coat sealed.

Asian Style bridge with short posts
over a Creek

8x3 foot Asian bridge with low rails

4 foot Asian Style Bridge with
Curved Rails

4 foot Asian bridge with curved rails

5 foot Asian Style with Short posts
and curved Rails

5 foot Asian bridge with curved rails

10 foot Asian Bridge with Low Rails

10 foot Asian bridge with low rails

Asian Rails Closeup

Asian rails closeup
(Click image to view a closeup)