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Landscaping is gaining popularity with more people sprucing up their yards, gardens and outside spaces. Some home owners have chosen to have their landscaping professionally designed. Along with trees, plants, lawns and gardens, many homeowners have also added fish ponds to their yards. If you have a pond in your landscaping theme then you might need a Pond Bridge or a Garden Bridge! Feel free to browse our many different styles and sizes of custom handcrafted bridges on Our Shopping cart and to order on our website here (Also see menu on the left). The following will give you some ideas on how to landscape your bridge. Also see our Landscaping with walkways, bridges and waterscapes page.

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6 foot wide Asian Garden Bridge with Rails

curved asian short rail bridge extra wide
2 views of the 6 foot wide Asian Bridge:
10 foot long x 6ft wide asian bridge with rails
Mr Shea from Venice, Florida requested an Asian Garden bridge with short curved rails. If you are interested in this newly designed bridge please contact me by phone since this would be a custom built bridge and special ordered over the phone (479-243-0375). I can build this style of bridge up to 20 ft long and up to 20 ft wide if needed. It can be sealed stained or clear coated or left untreated.

8 Foot High Arched Foot Bridge

8 foot cedar high arched footbridge This 8 foot High Arched foot bridge was set up over a small creek among large boulders.

5 foot Garden Bridge with Double Rails and Mortised Posts

5 foot Redwood bridge with mortised posts
This garden bridge with mortised posts and double rails is was set up over a small creek with flat stones on the walkway, solar lights, flowers and a water fall.

10 ft Garden Bridge with Mortised Rails and Round Ball Caps

10 foot mortised rail garden bridge This garden bridge large enough to hold tractors was set up over a dry creek surrounded by a fence, flowers and shrubs.

Red Cedar Foot Bridge

Red Cedar footbridge This cedar foot bridge is surrounded by planted flowers, a dry creek bed, small waterfall and other greenery.

High Arched Footbridge

high arched foodbridge over a creek This high arched footbridge looks great over a dry creek bed, with shrubs and trees on both sides of the creek.

5ft garden bridge without posts and rails

5 ft footbridge This bridge is beautifully landscaped over a small creek coming off a hillside surrounded by shrubs and flowers with large boulders lining the creek.

10 foot long redwood garden bridge

Post and Rail bridge This Garden bridges is placed over a water draining ditch.