Solar Light Garden Bridges

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These solar light garden bridges are available in Red Oak, Red Cedar, black Walnut or Redwood, with high or low arches, no rails, single or double rails or rope rails (see photos below). We can custom build one of these bridges to about any size you need, please contact us for any special requests:

We personally design and build every solar light bridge so you deal directly with the actual builder and not a middle man or affiliate.

Red Oak Bridges with Solar Lights

Red Oak is a denser, heavier and stronger wood than either Redwood or Cedar. It is weather and insect resistant and will last for decades outdoors. This low arch Red Oak bridge has solar cells that charge up the battery during the day and the lights come on right as it gets dark and light up the bridge until its starts getting light again in the morning. No wiring needed. Solar lights are completly maintenance free and no assembly is required for the solar caps! This bridge is also available in Red Cedar or Redwood.

You have a choice of no rails, a single rail, double rails or rope rails, all at the same price. All bridges have clear coat sealing. An option for a high arch bridge is available for $100 more. Free Shipping

Please call us at one of the phone numbers at the top of the page to order these items.

4 ft by 28 inches wide $650.00
5 ft by 28in wide $750.00
6 ft by 30 in wide $950.00
8 ft by 36 in wide $1199.00
10 ft by 36 in wide $1599.00 (motor freight shipping included)

5 foot Red Oak Solar Light Bridge with Short Posts

5 foot Solar Light Bridge with short posts

This bridge is 5 ft long and 30" wide and was built out of Red Oak which is much denser and stronger wood than redwood or cedar. It is also a much stronger wood bridge and can hold up to 1,000 lbs. It has a low post design with 12" high posts with a single handrail which are also built out of Red Oak. It has solar light caps which require no wiring and just 6 hours of sunlight during the day to have enough power for the lights to light up all night long. This bridge was also clear coat sealed with a Spar Urethane to protect and beautify the wood. I can build this same bridge up to 20 ft long and 8 ft wide. Please call us at one of the phone numbers at the top of the page to order this bridge.

Red Oak Foot bridges without Solar Lights

These Red Oak foot bridges are stong enough to hold up to 700 lbs and come without posts and rails. Shipping and clear coat sealing is included in the prices below. These bridges are also available in Red Cedar or Redwood.

4 ft by 28 in wide $399.00
5 ft by 28 in wide $499.00
6 ft by 30 in wide $659.00
8 ft by 3 ft wide $849.00
10 ft by 3 ft wide $1299.00

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