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Custom Built Wooden Signs

Custom Built Sign for Cherry Hill Cemetery

This sign is 30″ high and 54″ long and built out of solid 3″ thick Eastern Red Cedar. It weighs over 100lbs. The letters are on both sides of the sign (2 sided) 5″, 4″ and 3″ letters I painted with white exterior enalmel paint and then clear coated the wood with Spar Urethane (3 coats). It is now hanging on the State Highway 8 in the Cherry Hill, AR. Community.

If you would like to order a custom built wooden sign with free hand engraving or routered letters, painted or clear coat sealed please call us at one of the phone numbers at the top of the page or email Rod for a price quote.

4 Leaf Clover Sign

These pictures show the steps I made to make a custom-made sign of a 4-leaf clover, or Shamrock, that Stephen wanted for his Irish wife’s birthday. It turned out to be 4 ft wide by 56″ high, about 2 3/4″ thick, made out of Red Cedar, and weighs about 100 lbs.

I started out making the pattern for the sign by drawing a 4-leaf clover on a sheet of paper until I got the look right. Then I traced around the outside on a larger piece of paper until it got it to the size we needed at 4 ft wide by 56″ high. I then traced that onto a heavy piece of cardboard.

I used 2″ x 6″ red cedar boards that were 49″ long and stacked them together until they were just over 58″ high. I then proceeded to drill holes for 1/2″ dowels into the side of each board to give added strength. I applied a heavy bead of Tite Bond 2 wood glue between each board, added the wood dowels and then used my 48″ Jorgensen cabinet clamps to clamp them all together with about 1500 PSI clamping power. I made sure to wipe off all excess glue and let set for about 72 hours.

I then took the clamps off the red cedar and sanded it all down on both sides. I line traced the 4 leaf clover template onto the wood and cut out carefully around the traced line to make the rough 4-leaf clover sign.

On the back of the sign I added 2 x 6 red cedar boards for bracing and for the 4 x 4 to be used to secure the sign into concrete in the ground. I then re sanded the sign on both sides and then detail sanded it again with my palm sander.

Then the letters were traced out and letters were free hand routed into the sign. I used exterior enamel paint in Shamrock green color for the sign background and exterior enamel white for the letters and edge of the sign. I added three coats of paint so it would hold up well outdoors at it’s new home.

Drawing the 4-leaf clover pattern
Gluing the wood together
Cutting out the 4-leaf clover
Sanding the wood
4-leaf clover unpainted
4-leaf clover finished

If you need a custom built wooden sign from small to very large and can’t find one locally, give me a call at one of the numbers at the top of the page or drop me an email and lets see if I might be able to build it for you!

Call at one of the numbers at the top of the page if you would like Rain Forest Wood Sealer made by Earthpaint Inc. which is a non-toxic paint product made from all natural products and safe for the environment. This sealer is available for all bridges on this website at special request.

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