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Plastic Lumber Bridges

Our Plastic lumber Bridges offer a nice alternative to Redwood, Cedar or chemically treated wood as it is extremely durable, requires little maintenance and is resistant to decay, splintering, cracking and even graffiti.

We personally design and build every plastic bridge so you deal directly with the actual builder and not a middle man or affiliate.

See our Order Form to order these bridges by postal mail or click on the buttons below to order them online or feel free to place an order by phone by calling one of the phone numbers at the top of the page or e-mail Rod for more info or to order these bridges.

For construction purposes, plastic lumber is a dense hardwood like maple. It can be sawed, planed and drilled without cracking, but there are a few differences as it is generally harder to work with compared with natural wood.

Plastic lumber does not leak toxic chemicals into the soil or water and outlasts comparable treated wood products and may be guaranteed to last for up to 5 decades!

Plastic lumber is gaining popularity and is now being used in a number of different outdoor structures, including garden benches, picnic tables, decks, docks and now garden bridges. Mainly offered in Cedar or brown, other colors might be available.

The cost of plastic lumber is considerably more expensive than the price of redwood or cedar wood but payback is in just 3 years when you factor in that there is no maintenance or replacement costs and bridges made out of plastic lumber can last up to 50 years of carefree use.

These bridges are very heavy compared to wooden bridges and thus their prices are much higher, mainly for shipping and materials.

Following are pictures of an 11 foot bridge, weighing about 700lbs, being moved into place with a crane:

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