All of the following are personally designed and built by the owner of Handcrafted Garden Bridges® and made out of either redwood or red cedar.

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4 ft Low Arched Footbridge

4 foot low arched footbridge

Hi Rod, Bridge received and its absolutely gorgeous. We love It. It is beautiful. Thank you! Cheryl, Plantation, Florida

4 ft Japanese style bridge with curved rails

4ft Japanese style bridge footbridge with curved rails

We thought you would enjoy seeing our Japanese bridge, in all it’s splendor, in it’s new home. We love it. Thanks again. Marilyn & Morty, Pompano Beach, Florida

5 ft Asian style bridge with the curved rails

5 foot asian style bridge with curved rails

Hi Rod, You were a true find on the internet! Our bridge is wonderful and Thank you for such nice work. Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Del Rey Beach, Florida

8 ft footbridge with low curbs

8ft footbridge with curbs

Dear Rod, Bridge received and better than we had hoped for, it is a true pleasure dealing with you and with such a talented craftsman. All the Best, Lynn H. Orangevale, CA.

5 x 3 foot Low Arched Footbridge

5x3 low arched footbridgeSorry I didn't get these emailed to you sooner. I used a two-part penetrating stain a sealer system to finish the cedar. It matches other wood (garage doors, gates) on our property so it turned out to be a nice accent piece. The bridge covers a partial "dry" river bed and a small water feature of river rock and pieces of flagstone that make up a little waterfall. The broken flagstone pieces lead up to the bridge from the front yard. Then, they pick up again after you cross the bridge and enter the side gate. I'm very happy with the outcome. The pictures probably don't do justice to the setting, but hopefully you can see how it came together. Hope all is well and that you're having a great summer. Regards, Steve Gulsvig, Villa Park, California
10 foot Red Cedar Bridge with Solar Lights

10 foot solar bridge

Love the bridge!! Now just finishing up the pond. Really made it pop! Thank you! Dawn H. Amarillo, Texas

8 foot Red Cedar Garden Bridge with Posts and Double Rails

14 foot mortised post
Hi Rod, here are a couple of pics of your bridge. Great instructions , went together in an afternoon. Thanks again for all your patience, hard work and excellent craftsmanship! Dave Z., Southern FL.

5 ft by 30 inch Red Oak Garden Bridge with Double Rails and Solar Lights

Got the bridge, we really like it. will try to get a picture to you in a couple weeks. Thanks, Brian B, Paradise, CA.
4 ft Low Arched footbridge

We received the foot bridge yesterday and we LOVE it!! Thank you so very much for going out of your way to take care of us. I will definitely keep you in mind as we are going to need another one (not exactly the same template) soon. Thank you again and have a wonderful weekend. Arlene D. Portsmouth, VA.
14 ft Mortised Post Bridge with flat caps

14 foot mortised post
Hi Rodney. Here is a pix of the wonderful bridge you made for us. I still have to plant the area so will wait till the spring to send another pix. Best wishes for the new year.
Cindy G., Southern Ca.

5 ft Asian Style Bridge w Low Rails

5 foot by 30 inches Asian bridge with low rails

This bridge was built of Red Cedar and clear coat sealed for
Cathy O, in Fresno, CA

8 ft Asian Style Garden Bridge w Low Rails

8x3 foot Asian bridge with low rails
Thanks again for your work. It is a wonderful fit into our landscape. One final question for the future: how often should we refinish it and what was the name of the product we should use?
Edward A, Chesapeake, VA

16 ft Red Cedar Rope Bridge with Solar Lights

16 foot red cedar rope bridge with solar lights
Here is a photo of the bridge as assembled. I have given your contact information to my partner, Fred Harris, who lives on a farm and is interested in having you build him a bridge. The bridge itself is great. Thanks for the good workmanship and the personal attention.
Barry R., Tallahassee, FL

Red Cedar 6' x 32" high arch footbridge

6ft x 32in footbridge made out of Red Cedar
Hi Rodney, Happy new year. The bridge is up. Bridge looks great and it turned out awesome! This is now the center piece of my yard. Thanks again,
Matt K, Los Angeles, CA.

Red Cedar 14 x 4 foot bridge with Mortised Posts

14 x 4 foot Red Cedar bridge

Finally getting you a pick of the bridge we put together this Summer.
Chris G., Branchburg, NJ

Red Cedar 6ft Mortised Posts and Rails

6ft bridge for Barnside Veterinary hosp.

"I love our hospital's new bridge! Quality craftsmanship, fast delivery, easy assembly. I took me longer to unpack it than to assemble it." Meredith S. VMD, Barnside Veterinary Hospital, Howell, NJ

4ft Garden Bridge

I received the bridge Rod. Thank you very much, it is lovely indeed! I am wondering what you would recommend in terms of finish and if I wanted to paint it, what kind of paint would you use and would you apply a coat of sealant on top? Thank you again. I am very pleased. Maria P.
Answer: HI Maria, If you want to add a finish to your bridge you could use " Helmsman Spar Urethane" made by minwax or you could use Olympic maximum clear coat sealer. Yes you could also paint it if you like, but you should use something like an exterior enamel paint, maybe a semi gloss would probably work good. You wouldn't need to put a sealer on it if you use the exterior enamel paint, but I would put the first coat on and let it dry for 24 hours and then add a 2nd top coat. Have a great week! Rod

6 ft Red Cedar Bridge

robertt-6ft-bridge.jpg Aloha Rodney, Took a while to send this but was kind of waiting for some of the plants to take in and also, just getting the landscaping together. Here is our new bridge, thank you, thank you for building it. It is perrrrrfect! We just can't express enough how happy we are with it. Here's wishing you and your family a very safe and blessed holidays. Sincerely, Robert and Elizabeth T., Kapolei, Hawaii.

2 ft x 12" Red Cedar Miniature Asian Style Garden Bridge

2 ft x 12inch Red Cedar Miniature Asian Style Garden Bridge Your bridge placed in our front entry-way Earl T, Monte Rey Park, CA.
(Earl liked the bridge so much he ordered another): 2 ft x 12inch Red Cedar Miniature Asian Style Garden Bridge
24 x 8 ft Red Cedar Tractor Bridge

24 x 8 foot Red Cedar Tractor Bridge Hi, Rod: The bridge delivery went smoothly. Today we're having downpours all day and tornado warnings, but the last several days were dry, so the big FedEx truck was able to come into our pasture. We didn't need to use the lift gate, since we had a big bucket tractor with forks. The driver was very energetic in helping to unload. Don and his crew got the bridge about 95 percent installed. It's very impressive. We still have the challenge of how to make the ramps. We're going to try to use the fill dirt. If that doesn't work out, we can pour concrete aprons next spring. Don and his crew were impressed by the beauty of the work. Bruce & Judy, Union Bridge, MD.
17ft x 5ft Red Cedar Bridge with Rope Rails

17 x 5 Red Cedar Bridge with rope rails delivered to Mt. Juliet, Tennesseeå.

Looks Great!

Jeff S., Mt. Juliet, Tennessee
20 x 4 Red Cedar Bridge with Mortised Rails built for a Wedding

20 x 40 Red Cedar Bridge delivered to Dallas, TX. Hey Rod, I want to start off by saying how beautiful the bridge is! It is exactly what we expected and you did an amazing job. It was so nice working with you and you are one of the few craftsman left in the world. I am glad we had you make it. After looking at our situation and the weight of the bridge I am going to remove the posts because I don't want them damaged as we lift it over the fence. We are gathering about 8 people tomorrow to lift it. I looked at the screws and I personally have never used the star head that you used. I have always used the square version of those. I need to go to the store today and buy the head to take those out. Can you tell me what size and type I need? Also it has been my experience in the past when removing screws sometimes the head lifts up the wood as its leaving the hole. Is there something I can do to prevent this? I can see what you told me about pulling off both ends first then removing the hand rail. I will mark everything before I start to take off the 4 planks and remove each post. Also how tight should I tighten the bolts? I don't want the outside head to sync into the wood? Sorry to bother you with all these questions, its just that I would feel horrible if I did any damage to the bridge. Thanks again and I will recommend you to my friends and family because I know at the wedding everyone is going to want to know where I got it. Have a great day! Rick S. Dallas, Texas
3 foot High Arched Footbridge

Hi Rod, Received it today. It is perfect. Went ahead and put another coat of poly on it to be safe. Thanks so much for getting it to me so quickly. THANK YOU!!! Jennifer, Suffolk, VA
5 ft High Arched Footbridge

Hi Rod, The bridge is perfect. Great construction and perfect size. thanks so much! Tell me one more time, is it OK if I don't stain it or polyurethane it? How will it weather if I don't? Shelagh, Raleigh, NC.
If you don't weather treat it or urethane it it will eventually turn to a silver grey color. It will hold up just fine even if you don't seal it or stain it. If you decide to seal it, the best thing to use would be Helmsman Spar urethane (by Minwax). It is an exterior varnish and very good to use and will beautiful the wood and keep it the nice reddish color.
Thanks, Rod. Please feel free to use me as a reference should you ever need one. I would be happy to vouch for the quality of your work, not to mention how quickly you completed and shipped the bridge to me! Shelagh, Raleigh, NC.
5 ft Low Arched Footbridge

Bridge looks fab and we're excited to finish landscape. Thank you for your attention as well as your skill. Sincerely, Rhonda D., Edmonds WA.

5 ft Red Oak Bridge with Solar Lights
We received the bridge and just completed assembly. Beautiful job. We thank you. John and Debbie Smithtown, NY.

3 ft Red Cedar Asian Style Garden Bridge with Double Rails

7 foot red cedar footbridge Hi, Rodney. Our rock "river" isn't quite finished, but the bridge arrived yesterday and I just had to place it in the garden to see how it would look. It's beautiful! Thank you. Susan E., North Port, FL.

5 ft Low Arched Footbridge

Wanted to thank you for the fantastic craftsmanship on my bridge, it arrived today! You did an excellent job of packing the bridge for its long journey across country, and I was pleased to see the bridge itself wrapped as well since the outside of the box had become wet. Can't wait for the end of the month when the landscape project kicks off, and the bridge is placed. Thanks also for the second shirt! I've given it to our driver who will be taking the bridge out to my house since I only have a car, and he'll use the company truck. Your thoughtfulness matches your craftsmanship, wonderful! It's a pure joy to have something handcrafted, thanks so much, Gregory B., Las Vegas, NV.

6 foot red cedar bridge with mortised posts and double rails.

6 foot red cedar bridge Rod: Thought you might like to see the bridge's final location. It fits perfect in the space I planned. The wood is beautiful and because my dad was a carpenter I can appreciate the craftmanship. Hopefully I will be able to enjoy this for many years! I will recommend you when I can. Regards, Renee. Hemet, CA

16 ft x 4ft garden bridge with double rails.

6 ft foot bridge jacinto, CA Thank you for the beautiful bridge! I'm still doing work to my yard, but these pictures should show how your bridge is a wonderful accent piece! Thanks again for the rush job.Adam G., San Jacinto, Ca.

16 ft x 4ft garden bridge with double rails.

16 ft garden bridge, Carmichael, CA Hi Rod, We love our bridge. Looks great and everyone at the party loved it. As soon as my son sends the pictures I will forward them on to you. It all went together great and it is a great addition to our back yard. Thank you for rushing it though and all your hours you spent on it in the awful heat.It is obvious how much pride you take in your work. Looks fantastic. Take care, and thank you. Pam and Dan, Carmichael, CA

6 ft Garden Footbridge

The bridge arrived. It looks terrific! Thank you. Phil in Block Island, Ri

4 ft high arched footbridge.

Rod - The garden bridge arrived. It is fabulous and the perfect size for my need. Robyn in Memphis, Tn

6 ft Red Cedar Low Arched Footbridge

My wife and I were both travelling this week. The bridge was waiting for us when we came home. It is beautiful. The wood and color are both perfect, and the craftsmanship is first rate. Thank you for making such a fine bridge. Once we get the rocks and ground cover around it looking sharp we will send you a picture. Barry and Carol in Orlean, Ma

4 Foot Low Arch Footbridge

Hi Rod, I received the bridge today and it looks great. We put it in place in our new rain garden to see how it looks (perfect!) but will put a finish on it first to help it hold up in the soggy Pacific Northwest clime. So thanks for your fine work. Another happy customer for you. We may have room for another bridge in the future so I'll be coming your way again if that's the case! Erik, Portland, OR.

5 Foot Garden Bridge

5 foot bridge Hello Rod! The bridge arrived on Wednesday! It is beautiful, truly a work of art and the finish is gorgeous and makes the woodgrain just stand right out. And not slick, you are so right. I've attached photos of the bridge in place and in one photo you can see the old bridge is still being used. Thank you for all your care, artistry and perfect work from the sanding and cutting of the first board to the supportive packing. It is an outstanding work of art and function. And thank you for the return customer discount as well. Wishing you the best, Paula, Beaufort, SC

10 Foot Garden Bridge with Double Rails

10 foot bridge delivered to the Sentara Princess Anne Hospital in Virginia Beach, VA.This bridge was built for the Sentara Princess Anne Hospital in Virginia Beach, Va.
Nice job, Rod! Looks great! Alice, Virginia Beach, Va.

8 Foot Bridge with Mortised Rails and Short Posts

8 foot bridge delivered to Punahou School in Honolulu, Hawaii Two Bridges delivered to the Punahou School in Honolulu, Hawaii
The bridges look really nice and I think the students will enjoy them. I'm also enclosing a link to a video that came out on the news last night about Punahou K-1 Project. Your bridges are shown in the report and look impressive - especially for being part of a school campus! it was a pleasure to work with you on this project. I hope we have a chance to work together again in the future. Theresa T., Panahou School, Honolulu, Hawaii.

6 ft Garden Bridge with Mortised Rails

6 foot mortised garden bridge with mortised railsThis bridge is made out of Red Cedar, is 6 feet long with posts and mortised rails.

"The bridge looks GREAT and is exactly what I hoped it would be. Thank you for your craftsmanship." Steve, Bowie, MD

Mini Rope Rail Bridge - Switzerland

Mini Rope Rail BridgeThis miniature bridge is made out of red cedar, 2 feet long by 10 inches long with rope rails. See other Miniature Bridges

"I received the bridge and it is absolute fantastic. Great work. I will finish my garden in the next two weeks and I will send you a picture. Thanks a lot for the bridge." Silvia, Switzerland

8 Foot Bridge with Glass Post Caps

8 foot bridge with glass post caps This 8ft x 38" cedar garden bridge has mortise rails and glass post caps.

"Here she is in all her glory. It was a perfect fit! All the contractors said it is perfect for the landscape." Gab, Southborough, Ma

14 ft Footbridge

14 foot footbridge "We just got the bridge today and it is beautiful. Thanks for all the hard work. I'm sure we'll be enjoying your handy work for years to come. You are a craftsman and gentleman. Thanks again. We will be sure to tell everyone about your service and products." Oscar, Newbury Park, California

2 ft Miniature Footbridge with Rope Rails

2 ft mini bridge with rope rails I received your bridge today. It looks terrific. The quality of your workmanship is excellent. By the way, that was the most impressive wrapping job on any package I ever received. If you had been born 5000 years earlier, you could have had a full time job wrapping mummies for the pharaohs. Thanks again. Jim N, Glen Arm, MD

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