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2 ft Miniature Footbridge with Rope Rails

2 ft Miniature Footbridge with Rope Rails

I received your bridge today. It looks terrific. The quality of your workmanship is excellent. By the way, that was the most impressive wrapping job on any package I ever received. If you had been born 5000 years earlier, you could have had a full time job wrapping mummies for the pharaohs. Thanks again.

14 ft Footbridge

“We just got the bridge today and it is beautiful. Thanks for all the hard work. I’m sure we’ll be enjoying your handy work for years to come. You are a craftsman and gentleman. Thanks again. We will be sure to tell everyone about your service and products.”

8 Foot Bridge with Glass Post Caps

This 8ft x 38″ cedar garden bridge has mortise rails and glass post caps.

“Here she is in all her glory. It was a perfect fit! All the contractors said it is perfect for the landscape.”

Mini Rope Rail Bridge – Switzerland

This miniature bridge is made out of red cedar, 2 feet long by 10 inches long with rope rails.

“I received the bridge and it is absolute fantastic. Great work. I will finish my garden in the next two weeks and I will send you a picture. Thanks a lot for the bridge.”

6 ft Garden Bridge with Mortised Rails

This bridge is made out of Red Cedar, is 6 feet long with posts and mortised rails.

“The bridge looks GREAT and is exactly what I hoped it would be. Thank you for your craftsmanship.”

8 Foot Bridge with Mortised Rails and Short Posts

Two Bridges delivered to the Punahou School in Honolulu, Hawaii
The bridges look really nice and I think the students will enjoy them. I’m also enclosing a link to a video that came out on the news last night about Punahou K-1 Project. Your bridges are shown in the report and look impressive – especially for being part of a school campus! it was a pleasure to work with you on this project. I hope we have a chance to work together again in the future.

10 Foot Garden Bridge with Double Rails

This bridge was built for the Sentara Princess Anne Hospital in Virginia Beach, Va.
Nice job, Rod! Looks great!

5 Foot Garden Bridge

Hello Rod! The bridge arrived on Wednesday! It is beautiful, truly a work of art and the finish is gorgeous and makes the woodgrain just stand right out. And not slick, you are so right. I’ve attached photos of the bridge in place and in one photo you can see the old bridge is still being used. Thank you for all your care, artistry and perfect work from the sanding and cutting of the first board to the supportive packing. It is an outstanding work of art and function. And thank you for the return customer discount as well. Wishing you the best,

4 Foot Low Arch Footbridge

Hi Rod, I received the bridge today and it looks great. We put it in place in our new rain garden to see how it looks (perfect!) but will put a finish on it first to help it hold up in the soggy Pacific Northwest clime. So thanks for your fine work. Another happy customer for you. We may have room for another bridge in the future so I’ll be coming your way again if that’s the case!

6 ft Red Cedar Low Arched Footbridge

My wife and I were both travelling this week. The bridge was waiting for us when we came home. It is beautiful. The wood and color are both perfect, and the craftsmanship is first rate. Thank you for making such a fine bridge. Once we get the rocks and ground cover around it looking sharp we will send you a picture.

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