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Landscaping with Garden Walkways, Bridges and Waterscapes

Your backyard should be a place you escape to, and enjoy some peace of mind. By decorating with a walkway, bridge, or Asian waterscape you can take your stress away just by stepping outside the door of your home. With some careful planning, measuring and research, you can landscape your backyard with scenic Beauty.

When you begin to plan your design for your landscaping, you need to decide where your entry and exit areas will be. You could decide to add a gate within your dreamland design, it needs to be placed where there will be the most foot traffic. It would be ideal for the walkway to have two exits. One gate would be the path that leads back to your home and then the second exit could be the one that leads away from your projected designed landscape.

Once you have a path in mind for your walkway, Asian waterscape or pond you can decide what kind of material to use, such as brick, tiles, stepping-stones, rock, concrete or wood. If you already have a deck, patio or other yard accessories, be sure that the material you choose for the walk-way will match the other features. See more ideas and photos on our Landscaping Bridges Page

Before you begin the actual building of your walkway or Asian waterscape be sure you have taken all of the proper measurements. Having the correct measurements will aid you in deciding the actual size and design you need to complete your new Dreamland area. Also, if you will be performing any digging for your project, contact your city officials first, so that you have knowledge of where the gas and water lines are.

After completing your walkway or waterscape, you can begin to add other accessories to your masterpiece. If you plan on using your walk-way or waterscape in the evenings, and or a bridge, it will require proper lighting. You can place small solar lights along the path or add solar light-posts to the main corners of your Bridge. See the many styles of bridges we have available on the left menu.

Along with lights, you can also plant flowers. The walkway can lead to a large garden of flowers or you may have planted them along the path. Plant perennials so that you do not have to worry about replacing annuals each year. Find colorful flowers that will brighten up your new dreamland landscape! You could also plant a mixture of wild-flower seeds to give the walkway a more natural setting.

Don’t forget to incorporate decorative rocks info your landscaping. They will add a fashionable feel to the garden. Rocks come in various shades and can be used to fashion a resting spot in your backyard. Pathways or dry creeks are two of the most fashionable ways to use decorative rocks. A stone path will also let you and your guests enjoy a walk through your backyard. You can use ornamental rocks to highlight special features in your garden or hide other areas of your garden.

If you take some of these basic ideas into mind when you are landscaping with walkways, it will make the process easier. It is best to remember, that you should always have a well-written description of your design plans and the correct measurements (we can help with this also). Once you have these two suggestions in mind, your beautiful Dreamland can come to life.

Should you ever have questions, you can always contact us for advice or any phase of designing and building your landscaped area. Call us at the phone number at the too of this page or e-mail Rod

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