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Bridges for Your Home

Gardens are a simple, yet beautiful and delicate way to decorate the outside of your home. Once you have a landscape design in mind you can begin the rest of your decorating plan by deciding on the types and colors of flowers or plants that you will place around your yard or if you will add a creek or a koi pond. You can make the area your own personal outdoor sanctuary to find quiet peace. Perhaps it will also be a great conversation starter for friends and family.

Another way to enhance the decoration of landscaped yard is by using landscaping bridges. They were first used for decoration in China and Japan as ornamental bridges or foot bridges to go over small ponds, creeks, flower gardens or rough terrains on a lawn. There are many types of garden bridge designs that you can choose from which include the following:

When building a bridge, be sure to use durable materials such as Cedar, Redwood, Cyprus, Teak or Pressure Treated Pine. Most bridges should be built to hold at least 400 pounds, which will hold a group of adults, if you plan on having others walk across or stand on it.

Home-owners can build garden bridges themselves or hire me as a designer, if they are unsure of how to plan and build one for their outdoor space. Click here to order on our Shopping cart

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