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Please call 479-243-0375 or text 479-234-2414. We can custom build any of these bridges. We accept all major credit cards, Square, google pay, paypal and CashApp payments and checks

3 foot Mini Garden Foot Bridge

These 3′ x 12″ or 30″ x 12″ mini low arch foot bridge are $99.00 with free shipping. The 3′ x 12″ or 30″ x 12″ High Arch foot bridge is $119.00 with free shipping. They hold 175 lbs but are designed for Decorative use only. they are built out of Red Cedar and treated with spar urathane.
30 inch Low Arch $99.00
36 inch Low Arch $119.00
30 inch High Arch $119.00
36 inch High Arch $129.00

Offering nationwide delivery, on-site installation and full assembly of your bridge.

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