Unique Christmas Gifts

Treasure Chests, Pirate Chests, Cedar Chests, Miniature Sailboats,
Miniature Bridges, Jewelry Boxes, Gnome Doors, Mini Bridges

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Christmas Gifts Handcrafted just in time for the holidays. Are you looking for the perfect present for Grandma or Grandpa for the holidays or a gift for the loved one who has everything? The following handcrafted wooden items are totally unique one of a kind and can be custom ordered in a vaiety of sizes and colors. Engravings are also available. Click on the images for more information.

bread board
Handcrafted Wooden Cutting Boards

These cutting boards come in 3 sizes,
made of Hickory, Walnut and Oak.

Treasure ChestTreasure Chests
In 3 sizes made of Red Cedar, engraving available
back of treasure chest with Urethane finish
Large Cedar Chest

Comes in 3 sizes with engraving included.
pirates chest front
Child's Pirate Chest

With rope handles and skull and cross bones artwork on the front in 3 sizes.
treasure chest made out of White Pine for children
Child's Treasure Chest
Made of White Pine in 3 sizes.
wooden jewelry box
Custom Handcrafted Jewelry Boxes

made of Western Red Cedar in 3 sizes, small, med and large.

Gnome Doors
Handcrafted Gnome Doors
Each Gnome Door is custom built and comes in 3 sizes, small, medium or large, in your choice of color or Urethane. Gnome Doors make a great gift to light up anyone's Christmas day!

miniature gardem bridge
Miniature Garden Bridge

Choose from either Western Red Cedar or Redwood at 36 inches or 30 inches in length in several styles. These bridges make great Christmas gifts and are also available with engravings (click the image above to see samples).

Miniature Sail Boats
Miniature Sail Boats

14 inch high x 13 inch long made out of Cedar, Redwood or Pine.
arched footbridge with no rails
low Arched Footbridges

4 foot long x 24" hand crafted out of Western Red Cedar or Redwood.
bird house
8 x 5 inch Bird House

Bird houses made from Western Red Cedar. Available from 8 x 5 inches to 24 x 10 inches.

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