30 foot Garden Bridge custom built

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30 foot Red Cedar post and rail bridge This post and rail bridge has a flat span with a flat incline for driving a tractor or golf cart over. It will hold up to 2500 lbs. This bridge actually covers about 34 ft but will span just over 30 feet. The support beams were made from two 16 foot long 2 x 12's and making them into one long beam by using metal finger joints then an inside lap joint with an 8 ft long 2 x 12 and timber connectors between them. There is also an outside lap joint on the outside of the beam and 10 stainless steel bolts to hold it together along with constuction adhesive. This bridge would look great over a small creek or Koi pond and can also be made from Redwood. It is avaliable up to 39 feet long. This bridge was built for Mike and Lisa L. in Galena, Ohio. Please call us at the numbers at top of page for pricing on this 30 foot bridge.

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