10 Foot Landscape Bridge with Mortised Posts and Double Rails and Caps

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10 foot short posts bridge This 10 ft by 3 ft wide Cedar Landscape Bridge has mortised posts and double handrails. It has short posts at 24 inches high with platform round post caps.

It was treated with three coats of Rainforest Wood Sealer made by Earthpaint, inc. The sealer is totally safe for pets, fish, children and the environment and considered one of the best "GREEN" wood products available anywhere. The rainforest sealer is excellent to use on red cedar as it gives it a look of finished furniture.
Mortised rails through posts
Choice of Wood
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We can build this same bridge up to 38 ft long, please call phone numbers at top of page to special order this bridge or email for a price quote.

rainforest wood sealer Call at one of the numbers at the top of the page if you would like Rain Forest Wood Sealer made by Earthpaint Inc. which is a non-toxic paint product made from all natural products and safe for the environment. This sealer is available for all bridges on this website at special request.