Handcrafted Garden Bridges

Garden Bridges with Mortised Posts

motisted post on a garden bridge

Following is a small selection of garden bridges with mortised posts available from Handcrafted Garden Bridges. These bridges are available in either Cedar or Redwood. If the length and style of bridge you prefer is not listed below please call for a special order.

We personally design and build every garden bridge so you deal directly with the actual builder and not a middle man or affiliate.

We can also build you these decorative mortised posts and or handrails separately from the garden bridges if needed. If you need detailed or mortised posts for your patio, decking or fence just contact us for pricing on the size, length and amount of posts you need.
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Our Newest Mortised Post Bridge
14 foot mortised post
This bridge is made out of red cedar, is 14 feet long, 3 feet wide and has flat caps. Please call 479-243-0375 to place an order.

5 foot Garden Bridge with Double Rails
and Mortised Posts
5 foot Redwood bridge with mortised posts

This garden bridge has mortised posts and double rails, available in Redood or Red Cedar.
6ft Bridge with Mortised Rails
6 ft mortised rails bridge

This bridge is made out of Red Cedar and has mortised posts and rails.
10 foot Cedar Garden Bridge
with Posts and Double Rails
10  foot garden bridge with mortised rails

This garden bridge has double rails, mortised posts and round platform ball caps.
10 Foot Red Cedar Garden Bridge with Mortised Posts
10 foot garden bridge with mortised posts

This is Red Cedar bridge has mortised posts and double rails but also available in Redwood.

10 Foot Landscape Bridge with Mortised Posts and Double Rails10 foot short posts bridge
This Bridge is made of Red Cedar and treated with Rainforest Wood Sealer to give it the appearance of finished furniture.
12 foot Arched Redwood Garden Bridge with Posts and Double Rails
12 foot redwood arched garden bridge with double rails and mortised posts

This gardem bridge has double rails and mortised posts. It will look great over a Koi pond or Japanese Garden.
20 x 4 Red Cedar Bridge with Mortised Posts and Double Rails
20 x 40 Red Cedar Bridge delivered to Dallas, TX.

This bridge is strong enough to hold 7-8 people, is 20 feet long and 4 feet wide. It has 3 arched stringers and 8 double mortised posts and handrails. It is clear coat sealed. Please call Rod at 479-243-0375 to special order this bridge or email for a price quote.

rainforest wood sealer You have the option of ordering Rain Forest Wood Sealer made by Earthpaint Inc. which is a non-toxic paint product made from all natural products and safe for the environment. This sealer is available for all bridges on this website at special request.