Horse Trail Bridges

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Equestrian Bridges are often used for training horses on obstacle and trail courses for recreation and/or preparing for horse shows. We will custom build your Horse Trail Bridge and/ or Horse training bridges to the size and specs you need up to 8 ft wide and 40 ft long!Strong enough for horses and people to ride over. Horse Bridges, Equestrian Bridges and Horse training bridges 479-243-0375 Built and shipped in the USA God Bless! click here to order your Horse Bridge or horse training ramp!

We build horse trail bridges or horse ramps to the size you need. Completely flat, with an incline or as a true arch bridge built for horses. These bridges can also be built with a slight gap between the floor planks or with no gap. Please call us at 479-243-0375 or email for a price quote.

rainforest wood sealer
You will have the option of ordering either of the following:

Thompsons Water Sealer - water based sealer which waterproofs the wood, or
Olympic clear sealer - water based sealer with a clear coat sealant or
Spar Urethane - an exterior oil based varnish or
Rain Forest Wood Sealer made by Earthpaint Inc. which is a non-toxic paint
product made from all natural products and safe for the environment.

6 ft x 10 ft. Horse Trail Bridge Add to Cart
equestrian bridge The bridge on the left was designed for an equestrian trail. It is 6 feet wide and 10 feet long and has extra 2 x 12's for support stringers under the bridge. Gravel was laid over the top after it was assembled and set in place.

8 ft x 6 ft Horse Trail Bridge with Spindle Rails

spindle horse trail bridge The spindle bridge on the right has three underneath supports and two 2 x 12 side support arches to make it extra strong. It also had full size 2 x 2's for the spindles and a 2 x 4's for the top rails. It is 8 ft long and 6 ft wide but I can build these horse trail bridges up to 20 feet long and probably 20 ft wide, using the same design and style.

spindle horse trail bridge with a tractor The horse trail bridge on the left is also strong enough for lawn tractors and golf carts. This one takes more work, materials and thus shipping so the price on these is higher than my regular spindle rail bridge. To place an order for any of these horse trail bridges please call 479-243-0375 or click here to order your horse training bridge rainforest wood sealer Bridges delivered to tropical states or countries may which required the use of Rain Forest Wood Sealer made by Earthpaint Inc. so it would not harm the rain forest or the butterflies. This sealer is made from all natural products, is non-toxic and safe for the environment. It is available for all wood products on this website at special request.