12 ft Red Cedar Garden Bridge for Recuperative Garden

Delivered to Mary Lanning Memorial Hospital, Hastings, Nebraska

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Mary Lanning Memorial Hospital This 12 foot long by 4 foot wide bridge was made from Eastern Red Cedar and holds up to 1500 lbs. The underside of the bridge has three support stringers and several cross braces hung with joist hangers for added stability for wheelchairs. It has round ball caps on the posts and 2" x 2" double handrails. The ends of the bridge were tapered down to only 1" from the ground so it could be used for wheelchairs, for physical therapy and people with canes and walkers.

The whole management and staff of the Mary Lanning Hospital were there to see the bridge when it was delivered and they seemed to really appreciate the quality of the garden bridge and child's picnic table for their recuperative garden. The Mary Lanning Hospital is a well know medical center so it was a great honor for me to build them their garden bridge for their cancer and physical therapy patients.

See the post and rail garden bridges page to order this bridge

Pictures of the bridge being delivered:

See more pictures of the bridge after it was installed
on the Hospital's Facebook page (pictures #84, 87, 88 and 89).